Let's talk about the new paths of

Canadian Music

We’re excited to announce New Music Paths, a web series featuring stories about the new musical paths being explored by composers, musicians, and songwriters across Canada. The series broadcasts interviews with contemporary composers, musicians, bands, and chamber ensembles.

We discuss collaborative music projects, host panels with musicians discussing cultural topics, and learn about some of their compositional techniques and concepts. This channel is not committed to one genre, it is focused on sharing any interesting approaches to music being done today. 

We hope you have fun discovering the wonderful and diverse music of Canada.

The people behind

New Music Paths

Marcelo Vilhena

Videographer & Editor

Claudia Antunes

Graphic Designer

Denis Nassar

Musician & Composer

How you can

support us

New Music Paths is an independent project showcasing Canadian musicians and composers outside the mainstream. We aim to develop episodes with a high-quality level, which involves production, logistics, and marketing costs. 

In order for us to continue to create these unique series, featuring all these amazing talents, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

We funded our first season using our own resources and with the help of a concert fundraiser. Thanks to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, we were able to produce the second season.

We are now trying to raise funds for our third season by applying to federal and provincial grants. However, these would only cover part of our costs.

Here you can watch all episodes from

seasons 1 and 2

Season 1 - Canadian Composers

Season 2 - Albertan Musicians