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We’re excited to announce New Music Paths, a web series featuring stories about the new musical paths being explored by composers, musicians, and songwriters across Canada and beyond.

The series will broadcast interviews with contemporary composers, musicians, bands, and chamber ensembles. We discuss collaborative music projects, host panels with musicians discussing cultural topics such as "What is Canadian music?", and learn about some of their compositional techniques and concepts.. This channel is not committed to one genre, it is focused on sharing any interesting approaches to music being done today.

Denis Nassar and Marcelo Vilhena

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A Trip to Turkey with Ilkin Tongur - Find out how religious symbols, objects and architecture can become music as the Turkish Canadian composer Ilkim Tongur takes us on a musical journey to Istanbul. She talks about her PhD composition “The Sacred Voices of the Golden Horn” which is based on the several religious groups found in Istanbul’s historic peninsula.

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Hope - A message from New Music Paths to you Denis Nassar wrote this piece in a couple of hours based on what was happening in the world and especially to raise awareness of the flood in Fort McMurray. Marcelo Vilhena created a video based on this piece and transformed it on an audio-visual work.

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A creative Arctic adventure - Join Vincent Ho as he talks about his adventure in the Arctic aboard the Amundsen vessel and how each part of that experience inspired his marvellous Arctic Symphony, which was nominated for a Juno award in 2019.

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What is Canadian Music? - Come with us as Prof. Allan Bell from the University of Calgary shares his thoughts on what Canadian music is and how composers and musicians from all different backgrounds can all be part of this wonderful musical scene.

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Carmen Braden - Interview 2 - Denis Nassar and Carmen Braden will talk about her last album “Song of the Invisible Summer Stars” and her trajectory as a composer.

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Cowtonw Opera has become a signature artistic company of Calgary, surprising audiences with cheeky, English-language interpretations of operatic classics, remarkable vocal calibre, and daring new projects. Cowtown explores the intersection of classical and popular culture with innovative and contemporary performances.

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Minha Terra - First Movement - by Denis Nassar - is a piece for orchestra and sound files based on the musical materials generated from the vernacular speech and the regional dances and rhythms from three Brazilian provinces. In this episode, Denis will talk about the first movement and show some of the compositional techniques he used.

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The Canadian Juno award winning composer Allan Bell talks about his trajectory as a composer and how he derives music from Prairie cultures and scenes. In addition, Denis Nassar asks Allan Bell to talk about his inspiring metaphor of a river that flows from the past into the future.

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In this episode, Denis Nassar and Marcelo Vilhena will travel to Yellowknife, in the subarctic, and interview the talented composer Carmen Braden. She will take them to a frozen lake and show how she records ice sounds and transforms them into music.

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In this video, Denis Nassar and Marcelo Vilhena talk about the concept and ideas behind the channel. They will also give a glimpse of who the guests are for the first season.

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Come with Denis Nassar on this musical journey as he discovers the new music paths musicians are exploring today. Here you will see interviews with award-winning composers, come across brilliant compositional techniques and innovative musical ideas. canadian music contemporary composers

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From Ice To Music

with Carmen Braden


with Allan Bell

Minha Terra

with Denis Nassar

Classical & Pop Intersection

with Cowtown Opera

A Creative Arctic Adventure

with Vincent Ho

Passionate Fusion of Multicultural Music

with Ilkim Tongur

Music and the mysterious Windsor Hum

with Brian Garbet
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